Eliminate One-Size-Fits-All Threat Intel with BYOI

On-demand Webinar

Threat intelligence feeds should make security teams more effective against known threats - but don’t. That’s because each organization’s network is unique and what is a threat at one may not be at another. Security products that don’t accommodate this uniqueness subject organizations to tremendous inefficiencies because security analysts have to sift through large number of false positives and irrelevant or low value alerts.

Additionally, the footprint of a modern day network is much larger than before, encompassing on-premise, public and private cloud, and Industrial Control System (ICS) networks. Without the right technology, security teams suffer with limited visibility.

A modern approach to security provides visibility into threats everywhere and enables effective use of an organization’s limited security personnel. Watch this webinar and learn:

  • What is Bring Your Own Intelligence (BYOI)
  • Why a modern approach is needed
  • How enterprises are already benefiting


David Ruedger
Director of Cybersecurity Ops & Chief Security Architect
Maxim Integrated
Kacy Beitel
Kacy Beitel
Director, Product Management
Mike Logoyda
Mike Logoyda
Senior Network Security Research Engineer<

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