Recorded September 20, 2017 

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Network Traffic Analysis:
Your IDS’s New Best Friend

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are a frequent source of frustration for security teams. IDS are noisy, generate too many false positives, are expensive to buy and maintain, and only detect threats at the enterprise perimeter. Yet they are an entrenched component of most organization’s security stacks.

Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) complements IDS to help end excessive alerting and to provide visibility into threats internally, in the cloud, and in industrial environments. NTA applies a combination of rules, signatures, machine learning, and other advanced techniques to monitor and alert reliably on security events that matter, even as attacks spread laterally. 

When combined with historical PCAPs, an NTA-IDS solution can reveal multi-stage attacks that unfold over long time periods and that spread across networks, and can provide analysts with the supporting evidence they need for confirmation. 

Join our webinar “Network Traffic Analysis: Your IDS’s New Best Friend” to learn:

  • Why legacy IDS technology alone won’t do 

  • What NTA includes and how it helps improve IDS

  • Who benefits from this pairing up and how  

  • How ProtectWise helps meet this emerging need


Kacy Beitel
Director of
Product Management
Wade Walters
Principal Security

Recorded: September 20, 2017