7 Security Requirements to Accelerate Cloud Adoption

On-Demand Webinar

Security concerns are limiting the rate at which organizations are transitioning to the public cloud. These concerns stem from a lack of visibility and forensic capabilities when using legacy network security products. The problem becomes even more acute when the attack surface area increases as organizations develop hybrid legacy and cloud workload architectures.

But these obstacles are surmountable if you make good choices. A modern approach to security that’s architected for and delivered from the cloud helps ensure success of any organization’s “cloud first” approach.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • Why legacy approaches to securing cloud workloads fall short
  • What requirements must be addressed for a solution to be effective
  • How The ProtectWise Grid is being used to secure cloud workloads


Kelly Brazil
Vice President, Systems Engineering

Anthony Guida
Principal Security Architect


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